A fork in the Road…

I took the fork in the roadToday was the day to start tilling. I took off the front end loader, put on the tiller implement, started the tractor, and STOP!

Looks like we hit a fork in the road. Literally. I guess it came from the rock pile I was using to fill in low spots in the driveway…

Robert (Possum Trot) came to my rescue, with a radial plug and an air tank. Thanks to his prompt action, I was able to get started within an hour of the mishap.

Still, I only got part of the first pass done – the Sunn Hemp plants had been so tall a lot of them got knocked down whole when they got mowed. Consequently, there were some very long fibrous pieces. I couldn’t till cross-wise everywhere, so ended up with a lot of plant material wrapped around the tines. Finally, I had to stop to unravel the accumulation, with Muriel’s help.

Tomorrow is another day – we’ve already taken the fork in the road, so now our path is set!

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