It all Starts Here

Seeded flats

Seeded flats

Nothing is more exciting than watching new life take form. This is particularly true of vegetable seedlings. You know what those babies are going to grow up to be, and you eagerly anticipate your first sight of the green plant poking its leaves out of the ground.

A few days later...

Just a few days later...

There are many crops that we seed directly into the rows, but some we start ahead of time, in pots. We do this for several reasons – to get a head start before conditions are right in the field; to get sturdier, stronger plants by manipulating them in some way (like setting tomato plants deeper when transplanting); to sell.
Our tiny shade house gets full pretty fast, and the baby plants quickly get set out on the open benches to harden up and grow until they’re ready for transplanting.
This season Muriel introduced a starting technique that she learned during her summer stay in upstate New York. Here’s a couple of pictures of the group seedbeds, prepared and just after germinating.


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