The CSA season is about to begin…

and I’m sitting here writing a blog post. What is WRONG with me? Like I need another thing to do!

I can tell the suspense and tension are building – to the grand finale this weekend, when we’ll deliver the shares, hopefully sell out our heirloom starts at RAMBLE, and have the beef distributed. Between now and then, though, there is emailing everyone, preparing the sign-in sheets, the distribution lists, the newsletters, calling the folks from whom we don’t have confirmations, re-sending emails. Then there is coordinating with the other farms for their crops, picking up the crops from the other farms,  assembling the boxes, harvesting our crops, bunching, bagging, counting, splitting bunches, packing the shares, loading the truck.

Now wait…. what’s this about beef? Well, we decided we’d get a wholegrass-fed  steer from 4 Arrows Farm in Citra, near Gainesville, ( to share among us – a small group, to see how the whole process would work and check out the quality, thinking that maybe down the line we could share a cow every so often with whoever wanted to. So, of course, it has to come in on the same day everything else is happening, right? We can’t complain- we’re getting free delivery (and we gave them an excuse to go fishing in the Keys…) But, Lordy! somebody tie me up- don’t let me sign on for 3 major things at one time! You’d think I’d learn, right? I remember last season having a CSA delivery, a Fairchild event, and the Keys GLEE event all on the same weekend – that was another completely crazy week. Veggies, boxes, volunteers and workers were flying everywhere – the walk-in cooler was busting at the seams, the truck was overflowing, we had every vehicle we owned taking things somewhere…anywhere…  Foast forward to this week, for a similar scene. Be warned, if you come by anytime Thursday or Friday, we WILL conscript you and put you to work!

OK, enough of this babbling… time to make lists for tomorrow’s tasks…

1 Response to “The CSA season is about to begin…”

  1. 1 Bill Jacobs 19 November 09 at 1:12 pm

    You also need to join the CSA Google group when you get a moment so I can give you ownership privileges.

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