High Calcium Carrot

This carrot grew right through a piece of rock!

To understand how this is possible it’s necessary to understand how a carrot develops.  When the seed germinates it sends down a tap root which determines the length of the carrot.  Once the tap root is done growing in length it begins to grow in width, meaning it thickens.  The tap root isn’t particularly strong so when it hits a rock in the ground it can either go around it, break into 2 or 3 roots and continue or just stop there.  Rocky soils, like ours, produce oddly shaped carrots because of this; we regularly pull up curved carrots, stubby carrots and carrots with 2 or 4 legs.  In this particular case, when the tap root of this carrot hit this rock there must have been a hole in it that was perfectly aligned to let the root continue on to the other side.  What are the chances?  Amazing huh?


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