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Sister blog Redland Rambles wins SFDB post of the week twice in a row!

Recent posts on Marian’s blog, Redland Rambles, have been selected two times in a row as the South Florida Daily Blog Post of the Week. That’s an amazing feat- kudos to Marian!!

The first post in the double sequence was her in-depth writeup about Slow Food Miami’s  Locavore Bike Ride held at our farm last month. The second was Veggies in the City, about the new Roots in the City Farmers Market in Overtown. Check them out by clicking on the links provided above.

Marian’s blog posts are often mentioned in the SFDB’s daily sifts. Earlier in March, One Last Bite of Potato was a runner up for that week’s POTW. In February, Waiting for Kids was a runner up too. And  Beans 1, Soccer 0, about a misguided zoning request in the heart of Redland’s farming area, was a runner up for POTW back in November.

Marian is too modest to pat her own back (much), so we’ll pat it for her- CONGRATULATIONS on a great job and on keeping us informed about matters relating to our local Redland agriculture!

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