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Amble to the RAMBLE!

Visit our booth at Fairchild’s 70th annual Ramble. We’ll have our full farmers market display BHF's market boothwith plenty of goodies, such as dandelion, callaloo, arugula, and assorted other greens, salad mix, first harvest local green beans!, head lettuces, squash & zucs & cukes, turnips, bok choy, cherry tomatoes, fennel and assorted herbs, betel leaf and hoja santa, avocados, carambolas, jakfruit, passionfruit, sugarcane and persimmons. Everything is certified organic or pesticide-free, AND locally-grown!

We’ll also have our awesome Antidema Butter, Guava Shells, our Fruits of Summer dried tropical fruit mix, and assorted other goodies.

So, come on out – we won’t be at Pinecrest on Sunday, only at RAMBLE!

Antidesma aka Bignay

Last week we harvested everything that was left on our huge Antidmargie antidesmaesma “tree”. I say “tree” because it’s technically a shrub, but it’s so massive it looks like a tree. We use the tallest ladders on the farm as well as picking poles to get the berry clusters all the way at the top. Actually, we can’t even reach the highest branches, but we happily leave those fruit for the birds. Some of the clusters are so beautiful; when the berries are very ripe they turn the deepest black I’ve ever seen in a fruit. Margie has been offering 5lbs and 12lbs boxes of Antidesma through the mailing list for the Saturday sales so I know some of you have gotten to enjoy them. Anybody have any comments about what they did with them? Or about the interesting taste they have? Right now we have 3 full totes of ripe berries in the walk-in cooler which will become jam and wine very soon. We’ll post photos of that when the time comes.



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