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New Opportunities for Miami-Dade Farmers

Yesterday a group of us spent the day downtown. It was a long day of waiting, but it was well-spent. The Miami-Dade County Commission unanimously (12-0, 1 absent) passed 3 ordinances updating acceptable uses for AU (agriculture) zoning. We wrote about these elsewhere in this blog and in the Redland Rambles blog. The amazing thing about this was that when the proposed ordinance were presented, they each showed 9 of the 13 commissioners as co-sponsors. It was very heartening to see just how much support has gathered behind the local farm community.

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that now farms actively engaged in agriculture production within Miami-Dade County will no longer be prohibited from carrying out farming-related activities (so called ‘cottage industries’). They now can, for example, run a B&B or engage in value-added activities such as making preserves or ice cream right on the farm (provided, of course, that all the appropriate licensing etc is obtained-the ‘gummint’ must extract their pound of flesh from these new potential income streams).

You may not see many changes right away. Farms will need to put infrastructure in place and get properly licensed before they can engage in these new activities, but I guarantee you will see more farm events, exciting farm products, and agri-tourism-oriented destinations down in the Redland area. It might well make the difference between continuing to farm and selling out to developers.

Thank you, Commissioners, for putting your faith and support behind us!

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